Ian Leaf tax fraud expert


Tax fraud is a very serious thing punishable by fines or even jail. Tax fraud is when a person doesn’t pay taxes they are by law to pay, or withholding information on a tax form. Ian Leaf tax fraud specialist has released a guide for avoiding tax fraud. Ian Leaf says fraudsters will steal people’s personal information to commit tax fraud and recommends keeping an eye on your credit report year round and reporting suspicious activity you see right away. Ian Leaf is a consumer advocate specializing in tax fraud prevention. Ian Leaf has been trying to make the public more aware of the dangers of people being scammed resulting in tax fraud. Imagine finding out you’re going to serve a few years in prison and have to pay restitution and not knowing why. Ian Leaf is trying to prevent situations like this from happening. It’s better to be educated about the dangers of this now than waiting till it happens to you.

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