Ian Leaf Corporation


One of the worse things is a person’s life is being robbed or shammed out of something financial or material value. The feeling can be painful, full of regret, anger, sadness or a mixture of both. Good thing there is corporation out there who pledge to fight against scanners worldwide. Ian Leaf Corporation is the leader of fraud and scam prevention worldwide. With nearly 20 years of service thus corporation seems to be heading in the right direction providing protection for those scammers prey upon. When Mr. Leaf hears of the newest scams or fraud you can find the alerts and ways to avoid them on his website, blog or books that he has written.

Safety is Key
With a sense of security being the backbone of Ian’s mission he thrives daily to obtain the most knowledge on those who try to take that security away.

Exponential Expansion
Since the Ian Leaf Corporation’s birth in 1997 more and more people have joined the cause. One of the biggest affiliates to the company was the creation of Ian Leaf HFC. Being founded with the help of a close colleague Ian Andrews, both men have nearly half a century of experience with over 47 years combined and climbing. If you want the latest on fraud and scam prevention these two are the best.

Word Around Town
Ian Leaf Corporation is well known in key metropolitan areas of the United States. Chicago being a prime example of benefiting from the fraud prevention specialist. He found a rental scam being spread on Craigslist and got the word out. This selfless act potentially saved millions of people who live in the city from being scammed out of their hard earned money. He accomplished this by making the Chicago Tribune aware of the foul play which in turn wrote a story making the city and state take notice. Take the everyday fear out of life with Ian Leaf Corporation and Ian Leaf HFC.

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