Arturo Alvarez Demalde 2017

Imagine becoming capable to steal untold tens of millions of dollars in simple view without having acquiring caught. Unattainable you say. Be mindful simply because you are most likely a victim of this heist. In reality, you may possibly really be giving these burglars referrals so that they can dupe your buddies and loved ones. […]

Ian Leaf New Zealand

Ian Leaf New Zealand

New Zealand is a beautiful country located in the South Pacific Ocean. This country is a host of many tourist attraction sites. Not many countries can boast of the numerous natural wonders, New Zealand has. There are snow-capped peaks, sparkling coves, glaciers, rainforests and beautiful rivers which you can check out. There is a place […]

Ian Leaf Corporation

One of the worse things is a person’s life is being robbed or shammed out of something financial or material value. The feeling can be painful, full of regret, anger, sadness or a mixture of both. Good thing there is corporation out there who pledge to fight against scanners worldwide. Ian Leaf Corporation is the […]

Ian Leaf tax fraud expert

Tax fraud is a very serious thing punishable by fines or even jail. Tax fraud is when a person doesn’t pay taxes they are by law to pay, or withholding information on a tax form. Ian Leaf tax fraud specialist has released a guide for avoiding tax fraud. Ian Leaf says fraudsters will steal people’s […]

Marlon Kobacker- The Environmental Engineer

Marlon Kobacker is a highly educated expert in environmental sustainability and the conversion of solar energies into electricity, known as engineering. He is a noted adviser on the green industries and how they help the environment. His credentials come from Bachelors Degrees in computing and solar engineering, and photovoltaic engineering. He holds a Masters Degree […]

About Ian Leaf Fraudster

Ian Leaf Fraudster was established in 1997 as a fraud and scam database and as a means to warn the general public about threats online and offline in their communities. Since 2008, Ian Leaf Fraudster has stopped over 240 cases of fraud and has saved the health and reputation of 131 businesses in the continental […]