Marlon Kobacker- The Environmental Engineer

photovoltaic  photoMarlon Kobacker is a highly educated expert in environmental sustainability and the conversion of solar energies into electricity, known as
engineering. He is a noted adviser on the green industries and how they help the environment. His credentials come from Bachelors Degrees in computing and solar engineering, and photovoltaic engineering. He holds a Masters Degree in Built Environment in Sustainable Design. Because of his education, he has lectured and created courses for the University of New South Wales, his Alma Mater. He is an engaging speaker on several different aspects of sustainability throughout the world.

Due to his current specializations, he advocates for the development of sustainable resources and building throughout the world. He is called upon from various multinational firms to manage the sustainability projects and oversee multiple aspects of different projects within the companies. Presently, he is a leader in the Clean Energy Corporation Australia. This company is dedicated to the development of all areas affecting renewable resources, including energy. Because his extensive background, education, and skills in those areas, he is well versed in finding ways to aid his customers in whatever way necessary.

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