About Ian Leaf Fraudster

Ian Leaf Fraudster was established in 1997 as a fraud and scam database and as a means to warn the general public about threats online and offline in their communities. Since 2008, Ian Leaf Fraudster has stopped over 240 cases of fraud and has saved the health and reputation of 131 businesses in the continental U.S.. Additionally, Ian Andrews Fraudster was established the following year in 1998.

Ian Andrews Fraudster
Ian Andrews Fraudster was founded in 1998.

Ian Leaf Fraudster prides itself on its accuracy and swiftness when dealing with fraudster activity. According to status reports released by Ian Leaf Fraudster, the majority of Americans preyed upon are those who are 50 years old and above, especially those lacking Internet safety skills.

Ian Leaf Fraudster is joined up with Ian Leaf Corporation and Ian Leaf HFC. Together joined and working in unity allows for more accurate detection and immediate action against online and offline fraudster activity.  Not only does Ian Leaf Fraudster warn the public and expose dangerous scams, working in conjunction with Ian Leaf HFC allows for the organization of offer training classes for anyone interested in how to protect themselves and valuable information for the clutches of evil. Ian Leaf Corporation operates with other major businesses and companies to protect their identity and clients from  cyber crime. Together, Ian Leaf Fraudster is a feared force to be reckoned with by all scammers, cons and fraudsters around the globe.


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